LEDcave Berlin


With the LEDcave Berlin located at the technology hub of Adlershof, in collaboration with the Lichthaus Group and Rent Event Tec GmbH, we provide the space and technical capabilities for traditional studio productions and XR productions of all kinds. With a diameter of over 24 meters, a height of 7.5 meters, and more than 800 square meters of high-resolution LED modules from the LEDitgo vP2+ series, as well as various camera and Blackcam robotic systems, the LEDcave Berlin is one of the most advanced XR studios in Europe. In this conveniently located new building, there are over 2,300 square meters of studio and service areas available for online meetings and conferences, studio talks, or live concerts.

  • 2,300 square meters of studio and service areas
  • Suitable for both traditional and virtual productions
  • LEDitgo vP2+ with cutting-edge Brompton Processing
  • Unreal Engine for real-time 3D rendering
  • Camera technology for single and multi-camera productions
  • Various Blackcam systems with tracking