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We offer the technical media planning and execution of events as a complete package or individual services. Book for your production a discrete amplification to where it is needed.

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Flexibility & Security

Organizing your Event

We offer a professional mediatechnical service, planning and visualizing your event.

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We are specialists for live productions in the event industry.

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We support your team discrete and on demand with Personnel.

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Organizing your Event

We offer a professional mediatechnical service, planning and visualizing your event. We also offer help during the act of making ideas or prove your concept on technical feasibility.

  • Video and Set design
  • Technical Planning and Consulting
  • 3-D Visualization and Renderings

Creativity & Performance

We are specialists for live productions in the event industry. MOO delivers reliable Camera-, Production -, and Large Image Technology and accompanies the production with Personnel starting from the technical management to the Assistance.

  • Logistics
  • Content Production
  • Supply Chain and Equipment
  • Live broadcast
  • Recording
  • Postproduction
BMWi 3

BMWi 3

For the launch of the new BMWi 3 in fall 2012 we were commissioned for live coverage of the event in Berlin.
CDU Federal Party 2011

CDU Federal Party 2011

On the occasion oft he 24th federal party in Leipzig we were commissioned for the media technical care of the Evening Event in the glass entrance hall.
CeBIT 2012

CeBIT 2012

For the third year in a row we were supporting under the CeBIT the event Global Conferences at the fair Hannover. As in the previous years we were responsible for the production of the live broadcast.
Comedy Central C-Cup 2012

Comedy Central C-Cup 2012

Before the Euro Championship we were commissioned with the media technical equipment and care of the production „C-Cup“ for the TV channel Comedy central of the MTV Group on the island of Mallorca.
Deutsche Bank Kick off 2012

Deutsche Bank Kick off 2012

For the kick off event of the Deutsche Bank in Hamm, we were commissioned with the media technical equipment and care.
Election 2009

Election 2009

For the election party of the political party „Die Linke“ we were commissioned with the planing and istallation of a seamless-plasma-wall for the TV broadcast at the Kulturbrauerei.
Die Toten Hosen 2012

Die Toten Hosen 2012

This year as well were able to support several concerts of Die Toten Hosen. For example appearances at festivals such as the Nova Rock.
Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Eurovision Song Contest 2012

We were able to realise the Live broadcast of the event onto a LED Wall in the centre of Berlin for the Embassy of Azerbaijan.
GE Germany Kick off 2012

GE Germany Kick off 2012

For the Kick off event of GE Germany in Leipzig we were commissioned with the recording of the event for several days.
Hair & Beauty 2010

Hair & Beauty 2010

In contract with the fair Frankfurt we were responsible for the endowment of the show stages with media-, light- and audio technical equipment. Furthermore we were responsible for the execution oft he several days lasting event.
IGM Metall Youth

IGM Metall Youth

We were commissioned for supporting several events and actions of the IGM Metall Youth organisation and bringing the technical equipment.
Kirchentag 2011

Kirchentag 2011

For the 33. German evangelist churchday in Dresden we were able to prove our core competence. At the Glücksgas Stadium we were responsible for the live coverage oft he event onto several LED walls.
LBB Annual General Meeting 2012

LBB Annual General Meeting 2012

During the Annual General Meeting of the LBB we were commissioned with the live broadcast of the event in the internet.
MDR summer tour 2012

MDR summer tour 2012

Parallel to the NDR summer tour we also supported this year once more the tour of the MDR Television with media technical equipment.
NDR summer tour 2012

NDR summer tour 2012

Once more we were able to provide the tour of the NDR 1 with the entire LED technical equipment and supporting the tour.
Rheinkultur 2011

Rheinkultur 2011

For the event of Rheinkultur in Bonn we were responsible for the broadcast oft he live pictures oft he WDR Rock palace and furthermore we were responsible for screening the Sponsors posts onto a LED wall next to the stage.
VR Wirtschaftstag 2012

VR Wirtschaftstag 2012

For the first time we were commissioned this year with the media technical planing and implementation oft he business day of the Volks und Raiffeisenbanken in Cologne.

"Through your tireless, professional use and the excellent cooperation, we did our clients not only to satisfy but to delight."

Antje Breuers
Managing Director, Presentation Service GmbH
Lana Del Rey EUROPE 2013

Lana Del Rey EUROPE 2013

For Sound & Production networkx and Lieberberg Konzertagentur we realized the live screening for the biggest concerts of Lana Del Rey Europe 2013 Tour in Germany.

"I like to work with companies that give the best for every show. The artists and audience have earned it."

Stefan Heinicke
Production Manager, SOUND & PRODUCTION networkx GmbH


We support your team discrete and on demand with Personnel. Our clients appreciate the advantages of a reliable Disposition with a Contact for every project and thus a higher Production Safety and better Cost Control.

  • Head of HR
  • Technicians
  • Assistantships
  • Creatives

Equipment and personnel rental
Services & Solutions

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  • Camera- and Production
  • Projection and LED
  • Personnel
Event Documentation
Ultra Compact Production HD
Complete Production HDTV
Live Stream Basic HD
Adobe CS6 Production Premium
VENTUZ Media Management
Widescreen Projection 14x4m
LED Trailer 16qm
LED Truck
LC LED screen 28m square
Technical Manager
Production Team
Encore Operator
Media Technician

Want do document your event?

Do you want a video of your event to present on facebook, as a giveaway or just to archive it? Please book a mobile camera team for your event, easily!

  • Production all over europe
  • Recording in HD quality
  • Extensive accessory set
  • Personnel inclusive
  • Many options available
Book mobile Editing

Ultra Compact Production HD

This production set offers high Image Quality, little space and amazing versatility to great conditions.Perfectly suitable for Live streaming into the internet.

  • Maximum resolution 1.920 x 1.080px
  • Preconfigured with 2 cameras
  • Expandable to 4 cameras
  • Production team inclusive
Book Live Stream in additionBook personnel only

Complete Production HDTV

This professional solution with 2 cameras is the classic in this industrial segment. Full equipment with many expansion possibilities, best image quality and Production Safety are the main features.

  • HD Video mixer with 8 ports and Multiview preview
  • Professional HDTV Cameras with Triax Transmission technology
  • Direct connection to PC or Mac
  • Complete Crew inclusive
Book personnel only

Live Stream Basic HD

Increase the reach of your event with a low cost stream to the Internet. Our basic offer can be easily extended for higher numbers of users.

  • Transmission in HD quality
  • Up to150 Clients , 1GB traffic inclusive
  • Additional optimized for mobile devices
  • Technical staff included
Book Production additionally

Mobile Editing

Adobe CS6 Production Premium

Whether recording or highlight cut – our complete newly translated Editing system is the solution for mobile editing at the venue.

  • NEW: CS6 Production Premium Suite based on Windows 7
  • Processing high resolutions up to 4K
  • Extremely fast and reliable with SSD Drives
  • Completely packed in Flight Cases
  • Cutter inclusive

Media Management

A true alternative!

With immediate effect we offer the Ventuz System as complete solution for high-class interactive presentations. Even the Basic Package suits perfect for projections on curved surfaces involving Live Signals, Microsoft Office Documents, XML-Sources, Web-Services and RSS-Feeds in real-time.

  • Real-time Full HD Live Video-embedding
  • Media Management and Media Server as one
  • Trouble-free upgrading (for Softedge Applications)
  • Backup always inclusive
  • Ventuz Operator
Book with production

Widescreen Projection

Flexible and compact with top features.

Lots of space for countless design options. Over 50 squaremeter space for high definition Videos, Live Images and Graphics.

  • Giant screen 14x4m!
  • Bright with 3x20.000 ANSI Lumen
  • Scalable through Encore Media control
  • With Wings Platinum 4
  • Extra construction day inclusive!
Book personnel onlyBook Production additionally

LED Trailer 16 square

This mobile LED screen offers for smaller Open Air events with up to 10.000 visitors perfect technical credentials. Within only 30 minutes this LED screen can be used almost anywhere.

  • 16 squaremeter LED screen with a virtual resolution of 7mm
  • Quality Modules from Lighthouse, Barco or Mitsubishi
  • HDTV-Signal included
  • Operating personnel on board
  • Other sizes on request

LED Truck 28m square

This system offers perfect technical credentials for Public Viewing Events, concerts and other broadcasts. Within only 30 minutes this LED screen can be used almost anywhere.

  • 28 square meter LED screen with a virtual resolution of 10mm
  • Independant of a external power supply
  • HDTV-signal inclusive
  • Operating personnel on board
  • Other sizes on request
Book with production

LC LED Screen 28m square

No background doesn’t have to be!

No black holes in the camera image, Depth also for smaller stages and a multiplicity of purpose.

  • 28 square meter Transparent LED screen
  • 40mm Pixel Pitch
  • P3 Controller and Accessory
  • Mediaserver incl. Standard contents
  • LED Technician for the construction, dismantling, consulting
  • Transportations throughout Germany inclusive

Technical Manager

Support is on the way : for example Ivo. We support your team discrete with Head of HR. More personnel can be requested. We also like to present you the offer for additional rental.

Production Team

Support is on the way : Our experienced team for a 2 camera production!

We support your team discrete with personnel. More personnel can be requested. We also like to present you the offer for additional rental.

Book with technology

Systemtechnician Encore Media Control

Support is on the way: for example Felix!

We support your team discrete with personnel. More personnel can be requested. We also like to present you the offer for additional rental.

Media Technician

Support is on the way: for example Christian!

We support your team discrete with personnel. More personnel can be requested. We also like to present you the offer for additional rental.



You must be experienced as a video technician in the Show-, Event-, or Concert business and you should be able to work independent with media technology , like presentation systems, Video and Data projection as well as using and installing Camera and Production Technologies. You own a driver’s license of the Grade 3/B, and you speak German and English.

You should enjoy your work and should be in a good mood also during stressful Live-conditions. You must be a team player, should have good manners and be 100 % reliable.

If you are interested, please send an application to with the tile "Application".

Apply for a job as a video technician now



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